SolaPool pool heating panels have been manufactured by specialists utilising international best practice manufacturing to the highest possible standards and using only top quality polyethylene with added UV protection and heat stabiliser. Accordingly, the equipment carries a conditional warranty should a fault occur due to faulty manufacturing or materials.

In the event of a fault occurring covered by this warranty, the end customer must, in the first instance, contact the Authorised Dealer/Reseller.


  1. Connectors and stop-ends carry a 1-year warranty.
  2. All other components carry a warranty such as determined by the original manufacturer.
  3. The warranty period commences from the date of invoice. The original invoice must be produced.

No claim in pursuance of this warranty will be acknowledged unless received by CREST Solar in writing during the warranty period.


The entire system must be installed and used in accordance with the installation manual.

Filtration equipment and circulating pumps are installed in-line before the T-off to SolaPool panels. Chemical additives and chlorine generating equipment are installed in-line after the T-off. Chlorine electrolysis cathodes must be earthed.

Electrical connections comply with the relevant standards.

The SolaPool system is designed to be used with swimming pool or spa pool water which should be chemically balanced, the water should have a pH of 7. To 7.6 which is regularly treated with a sanitising system using chlorine, either added in compound form, or generated in situ in concentrations as recommended by the relevant Health Department. Should other chemical treatment systems or parameters be used, CREST Solar will not be responsible for damage done by corrosion, scaling and stress cracking of the equipment.

If, in the opinion of CREST Solar, the equipment has been subjected to other then normal swimming pool or spa pool use or has been improperly serviced or maintained, the warranty will be void.

This warranty is applicable to materials only and specifically excludes faulty workmanship. CREST Solar will replace, at no charge, all panels, connectors and stop-ends returned to the Authorised Dealer/Reseller, which display faulty materials in accordance with the conditions above. CREST Solar accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or injury to persons or property arising from warranty failure of equipment. This warranty shall not extend to any expenditure otherwise incurred.